The Moscow Option

Book 3 in the Paul Dark series

October, 1969: Moscow. Paul Dark is a broken man with nothing for company but the ghosts of his past when he is woken in the early hours and taken to a secret location. There, he discovers that the Soviets believe they are about to face a nuclear attack by the West – and are planning to strike first as a result. Dark realizes at once that the truth of the matter involves the final days of the Second World War, and the final mission he undertook as a loyal British agent.

Now the fate of the entire world rests on the shoulders of one man: a traitor long past his best, who is soon the subject of a massive man-hunt in one of the most repressive regimes in history. Dark needs to make it to a small island in the Baltic before it's too late – and the clock is ticking.


The Moscow Option is a terrific helter skelter thrill ride... The action surges from set piece to set piece... to my mind, it’s at least as good as the first book in the series, Free Agent, and in some respects is even better.’ – Existential Ennui

‘Say goodbye to your wife or husband, boy or girlfriend. Say farewell to your friends and family. Ring in sick to work... once you start reading, you won’t want to stop... A successful blend of John Le Carré and Robert Ludlum.’ – Speesh Reads

‘The third volume in Jeremy Duns’s terrific Paul Dark series takes our troubled agent back to the beginning of his career, to meet his nemesis in a scenario where the world is in danger from a possible nuclear war... One of the most satisfying aspects of the Dark series is the way in which the agent’s whole career over twenty-five years hinges on a single decision made at the end of the war. That decision governs everything that happens to him later: its presence is almost Hardy-esque in its ubiquity. And Duns, having carefully planted the relevant clues in the previous volumes, brings the consequences of his action home in a climax that telescopes the cold war into one brutal confrontation on remote Finnish ice.’ – Rob Spence, Topsyturvydom

‘Classic spy stuff from Duns.’ – The Bookseller

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Also available in the US as part of the omnibus edition The Dark Chronicles.