Jeremy Duns

Jeremy Duns - Author of ther Paul Dark series and Dead Drop

The Dark Chronicles

US omnibus edition of Free Agent, Song of Treason and The Moscow Option (Penguin paperback and ebook). Follow Paul Dark as he journeys from London to Lagos, Rome, Sardinia, Istanbul, Moscow and... where else?

‘A trio of gritty spy yarns featuring British double agent Paul Dark… Flashbacks aside, the entire span of the three novels covers but a few months in 1969, the latter installments finding greater depth and resonance in developments of the first. The weight of Duns’ historical detail is impressive – each tale includes a lengthy bibliography – and the whole of the trilogy is much greater than the sum of its parts. The immediacy of Duns’ writing grabs and suspends the reader in a beautifully realized heartbeat of recent history.’– Kirkus Reviews

‘Collecting the three novels starring MI6 double agent/antihero Paul Dark, Duns’s trilogy features relentless action that spans several decades and continents… This is riveting Cold War espionage told at a breakneck pace.’– Library Journal

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