Spy Out The Land

Book 4 in the Paul Dark series

A classic spy novel for fans of Joseph Kanon – impeccably researched, beautifully written.

A time of turbulence
1975. A summit has been arranged between the Rhodesian government and various nationalist leaders, which is to take place in railway dining car 49 midway along Victoria Falls Bridge. But Matthew Charamba, a key player in the battle for majority rule in Rhodesia, is hiding a deadly secret.

A time of terror
Claire and Erik are living in Stockholm, raising their son, Ben. But their quiet life is about to unravel in explosive fashion. Each have hidden pasts, to which the other is oblivious, and those pasts have come back to find them.

Time for Paul Dark to take action

When his family is threatened, Paul Dark, the most resourceful and dangerous double agent of the 20th century, must take action or lose the most precious people in his universe. It doesnt take long for the British and the Soviets to realise that Dark, far from being dead, is on the move and leaving chaos in his wake…


‘A welcome return for one of spy writing’s most captivating characters, British traitor Paul Dark... Meticulously researched with shades of Le Carre-level intrigue and fantastic action scenes Jack Reacher would be proud of. A thriller of the top order.’ – Maxim Jakubowski, Lovereading

‘The key to Duns’ success is his ability to pen high-energy, enthralling action sequences allied to an impressive attention to detail, transforming the traditional spy classic into a compelling mirror of real-life history and politics. The portrayal of the ruthlessness, double-dealing and cynicism of Cold War era politics – on all sides of the divide – and the machinations over the vicious end of white rule in Rhodesia is breathtaking in its veracity and power.’ – Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

‘Set during the 1975 crisis in Rhodesia, with many real players such as Ian Smith as characters, Spy Out the Land is an intelligent, page-turning thriller. Duns plunges his characters into the last days of minority rule and the reshaping of a continent.’ – Catholic Herald

‘Brilliantly imagined... The reader is left breathless by the twists and turns of a plot that throws up surprise after surprise, including its conclusion.’ – Rob Spence, Shiny New Books

Praise for other books in the Paul Dark series

A wholly engrossing and sophisticated spy novel set against a forgotten corner of 20th-century history. Fascinating and compelling.’ – William Boyd

‘A taut and tortured exploration of betrayal on the national, ideological and personal levels simultaneously… A cleverly twisted tale of intrigue and deception, this is a masterly excursion back to the bad old days of the Cold War.’ – The Times

A retro-cool romp as spare of prose as it is cleverly convoluted of plot. He has ingeniously caught both the spirit of an era and the spirit of the books which made that era the golden age of spy fiction.– The Daily Telegraph

‘Relentless action that spans several decades and continents… This is riveting Cold War espionage told at a breakneck pace.’– Library Journal

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