Last week I linked to the artwork for the forthcoming US paperback of Free Agent from Penguin. Eagle-eyed reader 'Liam Devlin' spotted that the gun in that image was a modern Beretta, rather than the Cold War-era Tokarev featured in the novel (and on the UK hardback). This is something that was changed in the final version, but I couldn't figure out a way to get my PDF of it on here. Never mind - I found it over at the funky blog Book Covers Anonymous. You may spot a couple of other tiny things that have been changed from the previous version. The design is by the London-based designer Jonathan Gray, who works under the name Gray318, and has designed many fantastic book jackets. Here's what he came up with for mine - what do you think? I couldn't be more pleased, but perhaps I'm biased! Click the image to enlarge it.