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April 16, 2018. ‘Spy Stories Now’ with Aly Monroe,  as part of Edinburgh Spy Week, Scotland:

March 11 2016. Ålands Litteraturdagarna, Mariehamn, on crime, crisis and conflict:

April 15, 2016. ‘Writing Spy Lives’ with Ben Macintyre, as part of Edinburgh Spy Week, Scotland:


Jeremy was interviewed on The Dry Cleaner podcast about Ian Fleming, journalists and espionage and discussed Agent Of Influence.

Jeremy has been interviewed on the Spybrary podcast: in one episode about the Dark novels and another about Dead Drop.

Jeremy was interviewed on The Dry Cleaner podcast about the Salisbury poisonings.

Jeremy featured in the History Channel documentary Camp X: Secret Agent School. Watch it here.

Jeremy featured in Discovery’s Military Channel documentary Hollywood vs. Commies. Watch it here.

Jeremy wrote and presented the BBC Radio 4 documentary MI6 and the Media. Listen to it here.

Jeremy featured in the BBC Radio 4 documentary The Deighton File. Listen to it here.

Jeremy was interviewed by Debbi Mack for her Crime Café series. Listen to it here.


This is a selection of articles that either quote Jeremy or refer to his work. Articles written by Jeremy follow below. For media enquiries, please see the About page.

‘Kuka oli tosielämän James Bond? Brittikirjailija paljastaa, millainen mies inspiroi Ian Flemingiä luomaan 007-agentin’ by Nita Makkonen, Ilta-Sanomat, July 28 2019:

‘Russia’s answer to James Bond: did he trigger Putin’s rise to power?’ by Andrew Male, The Guardian, September 11 2018:

‘Agent Of Influence –  Jeremy Duns on Antony Terry’, Artistic Licence Renewed, July 23 2018:

‘A deadly return for the spy novel’ by Penny Fielding, The Scotsman, April 14 2018:

‘Bonding with Jeremy Duns’, Artistic Licence Renewed, December 16, 2015:

‘The Extraordinary Case of the Missing Spy Novelist’ by John Michael O’Sullivan, Esquire, November 24 2015:

‘Was Freddie Forsyth a real-life 007?’ by Guy Walters, The Daily Mail, July 27 2015:

‘From Spooks to The Game, why the bleak world of spy thrillers is back’ by Sarah Hughes, The Observer, May 10 2015:

‘Oleg Penkovsky: Spy of the Century or Soviet Deception’, The Moscow Times, March 24 2015:

‘Kim Philby: A traitor on honeymoon’ by Guy Walters, The Sunday Telegraph, March 21 2015:

‘What GamerGate Can Teach Journalists About Handling Twitter Storms’ by Helen Lewis, Nieman Reports, December 11 2014:

‘The changing face of spy fiction’ by Jeff Popple, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 23 2014:

‘Spies are put in the spotlight by literary discussion’ by Russell Leadbetter, The Herald, April 15 2014:

‘The big steal: rise of the plagiarist in the digital age’ by Rhodri Marsden, The Guardian, March 21 2014:

‘Field Report: Jeremy Duns, Author of the Paul Dark Spy Novels’, Artistic Licence Renewed, September 21 2013:

‘Snowden: a very modern spy thriller’, The Australian (via Agence-France Presse), June 27 2013:

‘James Bond: Four writers carry forward Ian Fleming’s spy legacy’ by Steve Hockensmith, Hero Complex, Los Angeles Times, November 10 2012:

‘To Catch A Sock Puppet’ by Josh Dzieza, Newsweek, September 24 2012:

‘Authors condemn fake internet reviews’, September 3 2012, The Daily Telegraph:

‘‘Bourne’ Without Damon Signals Box-Office Drop for Universal’ by Michael White and Christopher Palmeri, Bloomberg, August 10 2012:

‘For Your Shelf Only’, Spyvibe, June 26 2012

‘A Q&A Interview with Jeremy Duns, Author of the Paul Dark Spy Novels’, Existential Ennui, April 15 2012:

‘The Plagiarist’s Tale’ by Lizzie Widdicombe, The New Yorker, February 13 2012:

‘James Bond, Ian Fleming and the Spy Who Didn’t Love Him’ by Guy Walters, The Daily Telegraph, February 25 2011:

‘What’s the secret of Britain's love affair with spies?’ by Jon Stock, The Daily Telegraph, October 21 2011:

‘In conversation with... Jeremy Duns’, Book After Book, August 2 2011:

‘Jeremy Duns on Forgotten Cold War Thrillers’, The Browser, November 2010:

‘From Cold War To Cool Culture’ by Nick Foster, Financial Times, October 22 2010:

Unbound, August 3 2010:, July 2010:

‘Forget Bond: the name’s Tazelaar, Peter Tazelaar’ by David Harrison, The Sunday Telegraph, April 17 2010:

‘Spies, lies and Swedish ties’ by Laura Xiao, The Local, July 13 2009:

International Thriller Writers, June 2009:

‘Heating Up The Cold War Again’ by Gordon Harries, The Rap Sheet, May 5 2009:

‘Free Agent: An Interview With Jeremy Duns’ by David Foster, Permission To Kill, April 20 2009:


This is a selection of articles Jeremy has written over the years. Several of his articles are collected in TradecraftDiamonds In The Rough and the omnibus Duns on Bond

‘This Is How Five Eyes Dies’, Foreign Policy, March 30 2017:

‘A Spy In Africa’, Shots, January 6 2016:

‘Standing On The Shoulders of Giants’, Crime Café, December 16 2015:

‘Russia complains over “gay bar” on president’s plot in Finland’ by Jessica Elgot and Jeremy Duns, The Guardian, September 17 2015:

‘Moscow’s 1960s British Community: KGB Bugs, Friendship With Burgess and a Soviet Spy’, The Moscow Times, March 24 2015 (excerpt from Dead Drop/Codename: Hero):

‘The Spy Who Saved The World – Then Tried To Destroy It’, The Daily Beast, November 3 2013 (excerpt from Dead Drop/Codename: Hero):

‘Eighties Music, Cheesy But Good’, Intelligent Life, March 14 2013:

‘The ‘‘secret agents’’ of the UK press’, BBC News, March 3 2013: (Listen to the programme here:

‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’, Intelligent Life, November 14 2012:

‘All Shall Have Stars’, Intelligent Life, October 19 2012:

Carte Blanche: the greatest James Bond novels’, The Daily Telegraph, May 25 2011:

‘Did this British PoW really smuggle himself into Auschwitz to expose the Holocaust... or is his account pure fantasy and an insult to millions who died there?’ [additional reporting], The Daily Mail, April 8 2011:

‘The Bond That Got Away’, The Sunday Telegraph, February 27 2011:

‘Bringing Our Spies In From The Cold’, The Mail On Sunday, November 7 2010.

‘Mariehamn, Finland: My Kind of Town’, The Daily Telegraph, August 24 2010:

‘How Ian Fleming’s book on gems was neglected’, The Sunday Times, March 7 2010:

‘Fact and fiction surrounding MI5 and MI6’, The Sunday Times, May 17 2009:

‘Spy walk: Kensington and Chelsea’, Time Out, May 14 2009.

‘Top 10 real-life spy gadgets’, The Times, May 11 2009:

‘Happy birthday, Len Deighton: we need you now more than ever’, The Guardian, February 19 2009:

‘Alan Moore: The reluctant hero’, The Independent, March 15 2004:

‘When We Were Kings’, Mojo, February 2002. Available on this site as The Healing Years.