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Jeremy Duns - Author of ther Paul Dark series and Dead Drop

Rogue Royale

In the mid-Sixties, the James Bond films became a global phenomenon as the world thrilled to their spectacular action sequences and cool gadgets. But the films nearly went in a very different direction, with a much darker treatment of Ian Fleming’s first novel by Hollywood’s most acclaimed screenwriter. In this Kindle Single, journalist and spy novelist Jeremy Duns unearths Ben Hecht’s drafts of Casino Royale. Rogue Royale is around 11,000 words long, and builds on his ground-breaking 3,400-word article published in The Sunday Telegraph in 2011.

‘If Jeremy Duns’ Rogue Royale was a hand in a game of Baccarat, it would be a ‘natural’: near perfect and very difficult to better. His book charting the early attempts to bring Ian Fleming’s first novel, Casino Royale, to the big screen is thorough and authoritative and, like the original novel, a page-turner.’ – Edward Biddulph, James Bond Memes

‘Here’s another strong argument for having a Kindle – last year, British thriller-writer Jeremy Duns published a short but fascinating ebook, Rogue Royale, about the rocky history of making a film out of the first James Bond novel Casino Royale after it appeared in 1953... The really newsworthy aspect of the ebook is Duns’ investigation into a never-shot Ben Hecht screenplay of the book commissioned by producer Charles Feldman.’ – Joe Meyers, Joe’s View (Connecticut Post entertainment blog)

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